Better Than Me

From my inception, I was a traitor.
From birth, I betrayed the Lord.
Stained in thought,
Impure by pride.
My eyes avoid the sky.

It seems as though everything
I do comes back to touch my heart.
All of the good and even the evil
things too.

At times, my heart spews out
lies. My mind tends to provide superficial
treatments for a wicked, mortal wound.

I want nothing more than more of You.
When I am depraved and in need,
may You meet me there.

When I am on high and seem just fine,
may You meet me there.

You have provided. You have allowed a way.
Making right all of my great mistakes.
You know my heart. You search it
so that You know it better than me.

I will fall at Your feet for You know it all
oh so much better than me.

You make known the riches of Your affection.
You lead me and keep me from going blind.

You deserve all of the credit for such incredible love.
You are wise beyond the years of the planet.
You know the ways of this world so much better than me.