this message is for you.

Do you know how many years you have spent on this earth? How long have you been wondering about more than a little lost and confused. Your thoughts have never stopped going crazy. You have never stopped thinking and hoping and searching.

You have been living life. You have been drawing breath. You have been painstakingly generating an existence. You have searched for food. You have built walls that keep you safe. You have studied books that make you feel smart and full of knowledge about certain things.

You are specific. You know that you are not a face in a sea of a huge, random species called humanity. There, in your chest, you have felt something. Some need.

You have piecemealed a life together, pulling things from your school work, your job, your friends, your family. You have sought after all sorts of things and now you find a trace of absolutely nothing.

There is nothing.

Well, this is your call. This is your chance. This is the song.

You’ve heard the word God. You have listened about words surrounding a thing called Christ. Bible is a frequently used term.

It’s all only whispers and remnants. Some grand poetry that you’ve been left out of that doesn’t even make any sense to you at all.

There is only quiet. There is only earth. There are only stars. Only stars.

No heavens. No penetrating light.

There is no LORD.

I will not give you verses or maxims. I will only challenge you to seek. There is a promise that tells you; it begs you to seek. You will find.

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