Renovating the Blog

All right. I’ve gotten the bits and pieces of feedback, and the consensus is that my readers want more of a focus on theology. So, this blog will now revolve around my thoughts about God.

One of my friends encouraged me to make the blog a daily reflection on God and who He is. I really do like that idea, and I believe that will be the direction that this blog will go.

My hope is to post every evening the culmination of my thoughts from that day. This will be something that challenges me and, hopefully, challenges you.

I am currently in the last three weeks of my Spring semester which, as an English major, means several papers and reading and etc. I will do my best to hold to my commitment of writing once a day. I warn you that not every post will be long. I am expecting a hundred to two hundred words, maybe less on a busy day.

The expectation, however, is that, if the blog posts are short, you will be able to have the time to read, and I’ll have the time to write. I hope that this will also allow for a more intimate setting with you, the readers.

So, you can expect a post tonight, I look forward to this journey together.

One thought on “Renovating the Blog

  1. Hi, Brandon,

    This is a great blog. You truly have a gift, and I’m proud to call you a friend. I hope that you will reach many people with your thoughts. I’ll be reading along. I’m also refocusing my blog, and will be updating it in the coming weeks. It’s not much (only poetry right now), but perhaps you’ll get some entertainment out of it. I’ll see you around the WC.

    May God bless your work,

    Taylor Smith

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