In War & Love


There you sat in all of your worry. There you cried in all of your pain. Don’t forget this is all for some glory. Don’t let this world tell you it’s not okay.

Don’t let yourself be a part of that world.

Don’t let this burden be yours alone to bear. Don’t stare your problems in the face and thing God’s not there. this may be the darkest of your nights but all is fair:

in love and war, and baby this is war.

There you sit in the rot of all you’ve done. Letting the victory of your enemies become a matter of disgrace because you are too weak. You won’t call out to your one true love.

Come and let yourself believe.

Now it’s all a matter of everything He’s done. Don’t stare your problems in the face and think that God hasn’t won. It’s the highest of hopes and grace comes and all is fair:

In war and love, and baby this is love.

Like a robber that comes in the thick of the night. And the shepherd’s staff drops in to hope remind. Hear the faithfulness of His words divine.


This song offers encouragement for those who find themselves caught up in trouble, hurt, or pain. It is a reminder that, in spiritual warfare, the enemy will spare no arrows, no ploys, to bring you down.

It’s also a reminder, though, that Christ’s love and His death on the cross provides a way to stand up underneath whatever Satan throws at you.

So, all’s fair in war; Satan won’t hold back.

All’s fair in love; Christ won’t stand back and wait. He delivers. He forgives. He strengthens.

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