Our worship of idols on the hills and our religious orgies on the mountains are a delusion. Only in the Lord our God will Israel ever find salvation.

Jeremiah 3:23

Pursuit. Such a funny word. It means to follow after something. I believe that it usually has the connotation  of seeking our in order to obtain or capture. When we pursue something, we hope to wrap our arms around that special thing and savor it.

One of the things that I often forget (and I would think that I’m not alone) is that almost every thing, every endeavor in life is a pursuit for something. Now, that may sound simplistic and obvious, but I am afraid that it is nevertheless true.

When I think about it, all of the little things I do are some form of pursuit. Whether it’s peace or happiness, I am seeking something, and even the smallest aspects of my life are wrapped up in that pursuit. I want an identity. I want a song. I want friendships. I want to help. None of these things are bad in and of themselves. The problem is usually the means by which I try to satisfy these things that I pursue.

Like the people of Judah, I tend to try and satisfy these needs and desires through things that are nothing but delusions. It’s not always a thing that I do consciously, and now that I think about it, I guess it’s never a thing that I do consciously. These things wouldn’t be a delusion then, would they?

I ardently seek to fulfill my desires, and that’s not the problem; it’s not the sin. The problem is that I try to satisfy my hunger and thirst with things that I constantly have to return to in order to feel full. Nothing on the face of this planet fulfills my heart like Christ. That’s the way that He designed it.

God watches the people of Judah as they squander their potential on idols, and they don’t realize it. How many times do I do the same thing through my doubt and my worry? The most frustrating thing for the Lord must be looking on as I try to fill the void in my heart with things other than Him. As the omniscient God, He knows that He is the only thing that fills my heart. Nothing else can or will do.

It is through Christ and only Christ that I find salvation. Everything else is a delusion. The most difficult part for me is recognizing when I am fooling myself.

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