Between Me and Death


and all the arrows have been launched to pierce the fortress of my heart. how am I standing? am I still standing?

 my enemies, do they prevail? my God have You gone back behind the veil? Where have You gone? Or have I moved?

Well I remember the things You’ve done. generations saved. the hearts You’ve won. I’m standing on the path. I’m standing in the face of death.

joy in this life can be such a temporary fleeting thing. what do I hold to? what do I cling to?

I find my heart’s not singing to You and the hope You’re bringing. all the idols of my heart, tear them down or make them a part: 

of the things I’ll remember You’re doing here. generations You’re saving. hearts You are raising. You’re standing in the path. You stand between me and death.

I lie and cheat; You cleanse. You could leave me as I am. not worthy yet You sanctify to be loved and called Your bride.


Ideas and inspiration for this song come from Psalm 77 where Asaph begins his psalm with doubts about God’s love for him. This song flows from the concept of always being honest with God and not shying away from telling Him how we really feel.

The chorus of this song focuses on remembering all that God has done, and as the song goes on, the chorus shifts to putting hope, faith, and trust in the fact that God is still working and doing good things.

Another concept in the song deals with the redeeming quality of God’s love; He corrects and shows us what’s going on in our hearts. He is capable of taking those things, our passions and desires, and make them a part of His will. He is able to make the most wretched parts of us and make something fresh out of it.

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