A Lesson in Flight


disregarded i am
broken hearted i stand
and i can’t learn how to fly

grounded with earth at my feet
penitent in raging defeat
I can’t learn how to fly

we find the beginning
of the end of me.
staring straight in the eyes
of the bitter enemy.

and I will learn how to rise.
and I will learn how to rise.
but only if you teach me.

at the end of my rope
you reach me
clinging to life like
it’s a disease
i can’t learn how to fly

from the jaws of destruction
you wrench me
singing your life song
of victory
and I can’t learn how to fly.

flying high, I see the world
from a brand new height


This song, simply put, is about finding that road to recovery in the midst of strife. In the face of whatever tribulation, we find that we don’t have the strength to make it through on our own strength. So, we have to search for truth and search for that strength, but many times that ability to rise above it and fly is evasive.

Any time something difficult happens, it seems that we suddenly lose all of our ability to cope and deal with what’s going on around us, but still we keep singing. We press on. That’s what this song is about, finding strength when there is none and learning how to trust, hope, and believe.

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