So, it has been several months since I have even looked at this blog much less posted to it. School this past semester really commanded much of my time, effort, and patience. A lack of faithful posting typically leads to one thing for any blog: death. If you don’t post consistently, those who follow (or try to follow) the blog have the tendency to lose their own patience and desire to read the blog.

Now, I’m trying to resurrect this old thing, to give it legs and life again. I’ve had a couple of people ask me what happened. Why did it go away? My response usually was that I had become too busy. So, school cause my blogging to suffer, and I, as a writer, expect that my readers, who go to work or school or who have families, should make the time to read my stuff. Where is the justice in that?

There is none. A lack of writing and a belief that you should actually read my writing equals one really selfish writer. It’s true, but I’m back now. I’m sorry for being selfish. I hope to be back at three posts a week from here on out. I hate that I’ve left you, and now this little address has started to sound like a “please take me back” plea from a significant other. Maybe it sounded like that a long time ago, and maybe that’s exactly what this is.

Either way, let’s be friends again.

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