A Response to Atheism: You Just Don’t Know.

5. You just don’t know.

We have reached Rosch’s final reason: the alleged lack of evidence. Rosch argues that “if there were valid and compelling evidence, then we would all be on the same page” as to whether or not God exists. He demands God to make His presence known so that “it was so obvious that it couldn’t be disputed.” Only fools, then, would be atheists.

While Rosch cites his desire for explicit, undeniable evidence concerning God’s existence, he does not cite exactly what kind of evidence it would take for him to believe or know that God exists. In fact, it is difficult to come up with any scenario which would undoubtedly prove that God exists because God is so supernaturally other (or, in the case of the atheist or agnostic would have to be). It is difficult to talk about proving God using the same methods and terms that use in discussing math or science.

If God were to reveal Himself in a distinct formation of light to every single person on the planet at the same moment, should we assume that everyone will suddenly agree that God exists? With just about every discovery, there are those on the fringe who refuse to assent.

Statistics, though, will show that atheists tend to be the outliers. Even though a case can be made for a rise in atheism, the numbers are not so pressing as to call atheism anything more than an outlier, a loud outlier to be sure, but an outlier nonetheless. Of course, these statistics provide no truth-value regarding whether or not God exists. The popularity of an opinion proves nothing. No matter how many people that Nazi politics consumed, the Holocaust was a terrible, terrible thing.

I only bring this up to show the relative unimportance of evidence. Notice the emphasis, please. It is not that there is no evidence for the claims of Christianity. Evidence and arguments far better than anything I could offer you on this blog can be found. There are people on both sides of this discussion who are far more intelligent than me. They have devoted their lives to the study either of God or the alternative, science.

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