A Personal Note About a Future Book

Over the past several months, I have been working on a little project that I hope will develop into a full fledge book. I’m going to post a few entries of what would be the first, introductory chapter to the manuscript that I have been working on.

I would love a little feedback if you care to share it. A few people have read through some of what I’ve written already, and the reviews have been fairly positive. I’d love for the ideas to start trickling out into a wider audience. Ultimately, the message that comes spilling out of me as I put together these meager sentences is not meant to stay with me.

If, in any way, my words, spoken or written, have meant something to you, then I want you to know that it stems from a gift that has been graciously given to me.

Writing is my passion, but writing can also be one of the scariest things for a person to do. It forces us to face things that, if left alone, we would never venture to face.For me personally, my attempts at writing quickly become disheartening because I love it so much.

When you love doing something to the point that it serves as the foundation for what you want to do in life, then the idea that what you produce may, in fact, not be any good allows a foothold for a crippling fear. For if your passion produces a fruit without taste, then it can easily seem as though you have failed the one task that had any true value for your life.

So, over the past months, I have tried to overcome that fear. I have tried to do a better job of actually cultivating what I pray is a God-given gift: to write in such a way as to make an impact. Whenever I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, my only desire is to convey a messages that penetrates all of the facades that society loves to create.

So, as the next several entries make their way onto my blog, I hope that they will accomplish the task of breaking through our typical conceptions.

What I will be posting over the next few days all started with a Twitter conversation that I had with a friend of mine. In discussing a pivotal aspect of Christianity’s current culture, the words “it’s a fine, thin line” appeared in one of my tweets. My investigation into the intricate relationship between modern Christianity and our present culture lead to this project.

If your interest as been piqued, then please come back to read the first few installments of The Fine, Thin Line.

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