The Fine, Thin Line

Indeed, there is a fine, thin line. How can I make sure that I have not blurred it to the point of fatality that The LORD of Angel Armies might not know me?

The answer to that question is dastardly simple. We know by grace, through faith. I do not propose for myself or for you any sort of new doctrine. If there was any way besides “by grace, through faith,” then Christ would have died tragically and for no reason. The key to discerning this line is an understanding that “by grace, through faith” never stops for us. It was not a momentary instance of salvation. Rather, from that first moment we declared Christ in faith, we began a process of “by grace, through faith.”

It is far too easy for us to live outside of “by grace, through faith,” and this does not mean that we have lost God’s love or His gift of salvation, but it also does not mean that it is not just as serious an issue for us as though we had. For when we step outside of the truth of God’s love, we have stepped back into the lifestyle of the dead. This matter cannot be taken lightly.

So, my goal is to explore those areas where I feel I have crossed this fine, thin line into an area where God has desired that I not go.

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