Beyond the Noise

This past summer welcomed in a boon of activity surrounding one of the biggest moral questions facing our world: abortion. I would like to say, “our country,” but the political and social influence of the West, which has been continually debating these issues for decades, has led to a global discussion of these moral topics.

Over the summer, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released numerous videos centering on Planned Parenthood’s (PP) practices of donating/selling fetal tissue. I do not usually spend much of my time or attention watching mainstream news channels, but the outcry of PP and the media that these videos have been “highly edited” seems more and more like a farce given that the CMP released longer versions alongside the shortened videos.

The approach seemed to be more like a diversion or a stall tactic in the hopes that the buzz would die down, which often happens given the 24-hour-news-cycle attention span that people tend to have in this day and age. As this PP story continues to unfold, it’s important that we pay attention and look beyond the the noise that the news media often generates.

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