A Jumpstart

So, I have been working to try and get myself into the routine of writing more often. Specifically, I’ve wanted to start blogging regularly. Now, there are two reasons: I need the practice, and I would like to use blogging to connect with those whom I care about.

One reason that a blog has been so difficult for me to maintain is because, typically, I can be fairly wordy. Typically, my past blogs have been in the range of 500-700 (or more) words, which typically takes a lot of time. So, as my schedule would get more hectic, I would forsake blogging.

Another reason I would slowly stop writing would be the simple fact that I would lose sight of what to write about. Well, in recent months, I’ve taken up listening to various podcasts, and many times, I’ve found these podcasts sparking thoughts and dialogue. So, I figured, why not leverage that into my own blog?

In order to make these blogs readable (and writeable), I’ve decided to narrow my focus in each blog by writing only 100-300 words on each topic. I started this process last week and hope to continue in the weeks ahead. Topics will range from theological/spiritual issues to worldview issues to current events.

So that I don’t fill up yours (or my) News Feed, I won’t be sending out notifications via Facebook each time I create a post. Most of this process will be a matter of personal development for me until I become more consistent in my writing.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I do welcome any encouragement you may have that can help keep me going in this whole writing business.

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