Understanding Missouri

This tweet from Mollie Hemingway would be serve as my introduction to the current situation at Missouri. She retweeted and commented on the student government association’s open letter that called for the firing of the university system’s president, Tim Wolfe. Upon reading that letter, with absolutely zero context, I agreed with her analysis that the letter contained little in the way of specifics.

Soon after reading that tweet, a friend of mine would send me a link to a story about all that’s been going on with the University of Missouri system. That original link took me to Breitbart, which isn’t usually where I go when I want to read the news. So, I read around and, since the introduction of Missouri’s football team in the protest caused the story to explode, found a story from ESPN.

I cannot imagine the feelings or the atmosphere surrounding the campus. The extent of the racial incidents that I have read about have been the hurling of racial epithets, a swastika drawn by feces, and a truck driving by the black students’ protest with confederate flags flying from the bed. Now, these clearly are the actions of immature and racists idiots (especially the swastika).

Without more specifics as to how Wolfe failed, however, I’m not entirely sure what the expectations should be of a university president in those circumstances. Seeing how the circumstances have continued to escalate, it would seem that Wolfe failed as a leader, but I don’t quite see how calling for blood will repair the damage.

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