Over the last several months, I took a step back from regularly posting here on this blog. The primary reason are the people whom you see in the image featured on this post.

Over the last two years, these students have become a practically essential part of my life. I’ve poured into them just about everything I possibly could (and sometimes felt like I was giving more than I actually had).

Yet, that outpouring was certainly not without reward. I have had the joy of witnessing these students grow immensely. Even more, they have done so much to help me become a better man, minister, and Christ-follower.

They have gone so far above and beyond in blessing me with notes, letters, and gifts as my time with them drew to a close.

Students, I could not possibly have time enough to write each one of you as you deserve. Every single one of you has, in your own way, encouraged and inspired me. You have no idea (and I’m sure that I don’t even have the full portrait of) what you have meant to me these last two years.

I want to say thank you. I love you. And, I am praying for you.

Goodbyes are never easy, but as the Lord leads, sometimes we must leave places where we are comfortable in order to be obedient.

These last two years, we have been on a journey together to see the Gospel reach students on VSU’s campus. While we all have invaluable roles to play in the Body of Christ, the Body’s mission always continues with or without any one person.

Though I will struggle with the fact that I will no longer be working side-by-side with you, I am excited to know that the work will continue. Every one of you has a key part to play, and I cannot wait to hear how God uses each of you through the BCM and the ministry of the local churches in Valdosta.

Y’all did so much to make Valdosta State a home for me. And even though I was never enrolled as a student, it’s been great to be a Valdosta Blazer.

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