A Response to Atheism: My Conclusion

My Conclusion

My point is that the ultimate responsibility for this decision rests on you. Whatever decision you make about God, it should not be made in ignorance. It should not be made because you are a Christian who discovers philosophy and science that seems to contradict the teaching you have heard your whole life. Neither should it be made because you are too afraid to investigate the matter and discover that you are wrong, and that goes for the atheist, the agnostic, or the theist.

Do not fall onto Occam’s razor too quickly. Simplicity is not always a sign of truth. There are, in fact, certain difficulties either way that you turn if you would only stop to pay attention to them. Upon further research, you will find that both sides will have reasons for why those difficulties need not be so detrimental, but either way, you cannot stop seeking, ever.

The consequences are too great.