Puerto Rican missionary brings relief, hope post-Maria

Hurricane Maria brought a dizzying amount of devastation to Puerto Rico. The storm capped a truly horrific hurricane season. It seemed like things could not get worse. As I sought to write disaster relief stories, I happened upon a missionary named Jorge Santiago.

After growing up in Comerío, Puerto Rico, he recently returned to become a church planting missionary. A storm like Maria would likely discourage most people in Santiago’s position, but the storm wound up fueling his mission work as he worked tirelessly to bring aid to his neighbors.

He has an inspiring zeal for sharing the gospel and serving people in Puerto Rico.

Church planting missionary Jorge Santiago has been experiencing the truth of Romans 8:28 firsthand. Even in the aftermath of Puerto Rico’s tragic hurricane, all things can still work together for good.

In July, Santiago and his wife Rebeca moved to Puerto Rico with their two children, Sebastian and Sophia, to serve as North American Mission Board church planting missionaries in the community of Comerío, Puerto Rico.

Ever since Hurricane Maria hit, Santiago and his wife have been tirelessly serving the people of Comerío. “Right after the storm,” said Santiago, “we just focused on helping people. We started looking for resources, food and water so that we could take it to Comerío.”

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