Once persecuted in Pakistan, now pastoring in Vancouver

This story was one of the most challenging to tell. I had the privilege of having a Skype conversation with a true hero of the Christian faith. My new friend would certainly balk at my using such grand terminology. After speaking with him, though, I could not help but come away with that impression.

Of course, countless missionaries share stories similar to this pastor and his family. Sadly, we may never know their names this side of heaven, and unfortunately, even though you’ll get to read his story, you’ll never get to know this pastor’s true identity.

May this man’s story challenge us to pray for our brothers and sisters in persecuted nations. I also hope that it challenges us to take seriously the faith that others are dying for in other countries.

Pastor Gavaha* received the news while he was visiting South Korea attending a leadership conference. A group of men, claiming to have come to deliver a magazine, had forced their way past an armed security guard and into his family’s home in Pakistan. They had taken Gavaha’s wife and four children hostage.

*Name changed.

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