Unveiling the New Title

So, yesterday, I talked about unveiling a new title for the blog as well as some interesting news today. Well, if you’ve been looking for that update, you noticed the blog entry for today that kind of took over my plans to get all of this stuff out there earlier in the day.

Well, here it is; the new title for the blog is going to be The Wayward Heart’s Home.

It might be a mouthful, I know, but the idea comes from scripture:

“My wayward children,” says the LORD, “come back to be, and I will heal your wayward hearts.”

Jeremiah 3:22

The reason for the title is simply this – we are all, in some way or another, wayward children. We either are or were so far away from God. We were caught up in rebellion, trying to live our lives apart from Him.

Well, this blog is all about that return. It’s all about the return to the One who made and designed us to find our complete satisfaction in Him. Even for those who call themselves Christians, we still have our moments where we turn and do things our own way. Again, this blog is about the return. It’s about the journey home. It’s about the lessons learned during those times when we were feeding from the vagabond’s trough, living on pig’s slop.

So, now for the other “big news” concerning the blog. It’s not really all that big at all, but I’m going to start writing blogs specifically from the time I’ve been spending in the book of Jeremiah. I’ve been finding so many things that have started a cultivation within my heart that I cannot hardly begin to describe. It’s challenged me and encouraged me. So, I want to share it with all of you who read.

(Also, I have a quick question that requires feedback. Is one blog a day a bit of an overload? Does it make it difficult for you to keep up? I know that it can feel discouraging to feel as though you’re falling behind, and I don’t want to throw so much out there that it’s overwhelming or difficult to follow.

So, post a comment or find me on twitter. I’d love to hear from you.)

Post Script: I really don’t like the way that the title looks on the blog. Takes up way too much space and really looks awkward. I’ll try and figure out what to do about it.

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