This past week, I didn’t post a thing, and I’ll be honest, a large part of that is that I didn’t have a very good week spiritually. I found myself in a place that I never enjoy being, but my walk this past week basically went like this: God drew me toward Himself, and I actively pushed Him away, saying that I just wasn’t feeling it.

I would hope that you are reading this are holier/smarter than I am and have never found yourself in such a position. I do know, however, that most of you who are reading this are human. As humans, we have the tendency to become utterly faithless creatures with regard to maintaining relationships with our flesh and blood friends. How much easier can it be for us to cast aside time with our unseen Creator?

Like a glass of cold water after a long, sweaty day of toil is a good conversation with a personal friend whom we deeply care for but (for some reason or other) have lost touch with. So, if that sort of earthly friendship can be such a refreshment, returning to the deep love of God is like a thousand years in a deserted oasis after decades of striving.

Don’t neglect your greatest gift today, tomorrow, or this upcoming week. Spend your time better than I spent mine this past week.

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