Today’s post is a break from my devotional series on the book of Hosea.

Ever since November 9 of last year, I have mostly refrained from writing much on current events. After focusing on American presidential politics for several weeks (if not months), I needed a break. I believe many of those who read my posts needed a break as well.

Yet, today is a special day with regard to the state of the United States’s Presidency, and it is a special day regardless of whether or not you happen to be in favor of the transition, are opposed to it, or find yourself to be downright melancholy about the events of the day.

I have been rather outspoken in my disappointment with soon-to-be President Donald J. Trump, more specifically the Christians who unabashedly supported him. Yet, as an American citizen, he will be my President. For four more years, there will be another man in office with whom I have several grievances, most of which center on his moral integrity (see John Piper’s excellent post on that topic).

After today, there will be another administration in power that does not have my full confidence.

That fact reminds me to rejoice over an wholly different fact concerning my identity; I am a Christian first. I have a dual-citizenship: Heaven and the United States. My primary allegiance to the former allows for a more effective allegiance to the latter. My faith in God enables me to believe in a standard that transcends earthly politics; it even goes beyond human perceptions of right and wrong.

There exists a higher Law that comes directly from the very nature of God–an overflow of His own heart. In obeying that Law, humanity will discover true flourishing. In disobeying that Law, humanity will experience death and ruin (cf. Dt. 30:19).

As a Christian, I seek to adhere to God’s Law before I submit to the “law of the land.” As a Christian, I will weigh the actions and words of America’s government on the basis of their adherence to God’s Law. By doing so, I can hold the United States to a standard that transcends human opinion and aligns with the Rule of Creation (cf. Pr. 3).

As a lowly Internet writer, however, the opinions posted here will not affect my governing officials all that much. So, my primary focus is to live out that which I write–to be a Christian before I am an American as I relate to my neighbor.

That task actually presents the more difficult challenge.

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